Bearded Dragon Facts
Bearded dragons are a popular reptile pet for owners who desire a reptile pet. They are native to Australia and live in arid rocky regions. With a triangular head and flat body they are omnivorous eaters enjoying both plants and insects. They are a docile animal and fairly easy to care for. In captivity they tend to do best when their diet includes a large amount of vegetables though they will eat about anything that gets in front of them. Larger specimens will even eat mice and other small lizards.
Free photos of bearded dragons

If you are planning on keeping a Bearded Dragon as a pet then it is important to be aware of all the care needed. One thing I noticed when starting such a challenge is that you will become not only a reptile keeper but also an insect keeper. Your dragon will do best with insects each day that are high in vitamins which means that in order to keep a bearded dragon well you must also keep crickets, mealworms and other insects and keep them well fed so that they will pass on the nutrients to your dragon. They should also have supplements added to their diet. There is quite a lot of care that needs to go into keeping reptiles.


If you are going to keep bearded dragons know the facts to that you can give them a good home and a long life or at least as long as possible in captivity. Keep in mind also that your bearded dragon may live much longer than you intend to have kids at home. They can live longer than ten years. You can find a lot of free photos and stock images of bearded dragons on the internet if you are looking to research what they look like or to determine the kind of dragon you wish to own. Searching for “free photos” or “stock images” will allow you to find sites that may offer such images for your collection.