Dragons are such a mystery for us that we often seek evidence of such things. Many of us would love to see that dragons are in fact real and we seek dragon images to prove this feeling or desire. Unfortunately there are many who feed on this and also provide such “evidence” when it is not actually real. This is part of what is seen when people seek dragon images but it may not be what you are looking for at all. Perhaps you don’t care to get involved with the debate about whether dragons are or were real at all. Perhaps your mind is already made up or perhaps you are not even aware of such a debate at all.

Free photos of real dragons?

You may simply be interested in dragon images regardless of their claims. They are after all a very majestic animal whether real or not. The dragon is something that has captivated us for centuries and many stories have been created for them and even more images created to depict such stories. Dragons can be symbols for great strength and a dragon image is perhaps desired for an indication of such strength. They are symbols of peace in some cultures such as China and therefore such an image could be sought after to bring good luck or to remind one of the peace they seek.

Medieval dragon images are available as a more ferocious animal that has been feared in many stories and throughout history. Whether the animal was created to give peace to a thief scaring others from his hoard or by a leader to evoke fear in his subjects, the dragon outside of Asian civilizations is often a ferocious beast to be feared and to avoid. The images from these times and stories will provide a different look and feel to this mythical beast. These images will often show a brave knight or innocent damsel defeating the dragon that is a symbol of threat to us.