Dragons Photos
Are dragons real? While most people say that dragons are not real I think that the question and its answer is actually more complicated than that. I don’t think the question we should be asking is so much if they exist as it is what they are. Dragons as spoken of in history are described as a serpent or reptile often of large proportion. Depending on the culture or the part of the world you get your stories from they have different attributes all of which can be attributed to living creatures we are aware of today. When I say “we are aware of”, I do not mean that everybody knows of them. Let’s be honest there are many strange creatures in this world that many people are not familiar with. This does not mean the animal does not exist.

Image on right is from a movie set-Not a real dragon.

Free photos of real dragons?

There are venomous lizards in existence today and the fact that they are venomous was not always known. There are also lizards that can fly, sort of. Not only are there flying lizards but many who can appear to have wings. Think of what this might have looked like to an observer who is very superstitious and who has never heard of such a creature. There are lizards that stand, walk and run on their hind legs. There are snakes that can glide great distances through the air as well. Now if we put everything we know of dragons together and perhaps pick different parts of the stories and images we have we may be able to solve the mystery about whether dragons are real or not.


Let’s look at what we know or think we know about dragons. They are a fierce reptilian creature that can breathe fire and fly and can destroy a whole village, town, city with it’s immense strength and abilities. Many stories give magical abilities to dragons as well giving them everything from the ability to talk with humans to size color or even “breath weapon” differences. While I believe we as humans have far more ability than we give ourselves credit for I think most of these abilities given to dragons are fictitious. I think the idea of breathing fire as we see it in the movies as a steady stream of flame is fictional but that does not mean these dragons did not have some form of defense that caused some to think of fire spewing from their mouths.