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Once we have a good idea of what we really seek or what we are looking for then we can decide if dragons are real. I think it is important to point out that human nature is such that we tend to exaggerate a story. This is especially so when the story is not our own. If we have the memory that is one thing but if the story was passed to us from another then there is a good chance that it will be slightly different when we retell it to another and even more different when they tell it to another and so on. So I think it is entirely possible that what we have today with the free photos and stock images or paintings as our image of dragons is not entirely the truth of what the animal might have looked like to the original observer.


Let’s look at what we know or think we know about dragons. They are a fierce reptilian creature that can breathe fire and fly and can destroy a whole village, town, city with it’s immense strength and abilities. Many stories give magical abilities to dragons as well giving them everything from the ability to talk with humans to size color or even “breath weapon” differences. While I believe we as humans have far more ability than we give ourselves credit for I think most of these abilities given to dragons are fictitious. I think the idea of breathing fire as we see it in the movies as a steady stream of flame is fictional but that does not mean these dragons did not have some form of defense that caused some to think of fire spewing from their mouths.