Dragon pictures, images and history certainly give us a lot to think about on the topic of dragons. Many stories are told about these amazing and often ferocious animals. Some dragon pictures show an obvious mythical creatures while others are shown as “real dragons” or images of creatures that may have been the basis of dragons. I know many artists have taken liberties with the dragons they have created and most have similarities. This last part is what makes me think that dragons are real creatures and that the dragon images we see today come from something that truly did exist.


Free photos of real dragons? Not exactly. One is a Photoshop creation and the other is well...a forest dragon.

The similarities that still exist in these different dragon images indicate that, though the image itself is a creation of an artist, the idea is ages old and had an origin somewhere. Every once in a while the basis of dragons might change with one persons’ idea but overall the more traditional image of a dragon persists. It is a reptilian creature with an elaborate snake/lizard style head often adorned with horns, a large torso and a long pointed tail. It seems that aside from the Chinese dragon, these images also often include wings.


Though it might seem ridiculous that such a large creature could possibly fly, we should think about those things we know do fly and compare. Some birds have rather large bodies. Airplanes certainly don’t come in one a low weight item and it has been said that bees should never be able to fly and yet they defy our understanding in their abilities. Perhaps it is also possible for a huge creature such as a large winged reptile to also take flight. Whether in flight, with or without wings and no matter the ultimate design dragon pictures are sought after by many for many different reasons and can assist in decorating any space you wish to decorate.