Are Dragons Real?
There are several questions to ask when trying to determine the truth about dragons or “dinosaurs” as we call them today. Theories of evolution and similar ideas have pervaded our world today to a point that most people believe that it is not theory but truth. In fact most scientists who work in such fields will tell you that it is truth rather than ever accept that it is a theory. It has become a religion to them and they will do anything to defend it.

Here are a few images of real dragons alive in today's world.


For this reason, when seeking truth on such matters it is difficult to get real answers. It is amazing how much evidence abounds for the idea of “dragons” or large reptiles living with humans and yet this theory is often shunned. There is even proof, not just evidence but irrefutable proof that mammals hunted so called “dinosaurs” and still we are taught in our public schools that evolution is truth and that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago before mammals or humans ever existed. In fact, what passes for evolution is not even evolution at all. What we are taught under the umbrella of evolution is actually “speciation”. Which is the theory of one animal becoming another. Evolution is simply the adaptation of animals or beings. This happens for sure but in these changes the fish does not become something that is not a fish nor does the monkey become something that is not a monkey.

While many scientists and evolution believers will vehemently deny the possibility of creation by God they do little to establish their own theories that is any different from those who believe in the creation of the earth 6 thousand years ago by a loving Father in Heaven. When evidence is unearthed that completely shatters their theories they deny it, ignore it or worse. They do all they can to twist any evidence to their desires. It goes a long way to describing what we as human beings are capable of doing in our minds. We can accept any reality that we “desire” to accept and once we embrace that theory we deny all evidence of anything different.