Komodo Dragon Pictures
Komodo dragons seem to be a left over from prehistoric times and they will show us a glimpse of some amazing aspects of the reptilian monsters who roam our earth with us. There may be even larger and more ferocious dragons than these that simply have not been discovered yet. Keep in mind that most animals in nature seek to avoid human contact and the predators of the wild seem to be the most elusive. It is quite possible that we have a relative of the Komodo Dragon out there somewhere yet to be discovered.

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For now, if you are looking for Komodo Dragon pictures you will find plenty that show the majestic and fierce nature of this beast, this dragon that still walks among us. It brings the question to my mind of whether this is the kind of animal that started the myths and stories of dragons that are found through the stories of our history. It is said that the Komodo Dragon gets as big as it does because of its isolation on islands that lack other predators. The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard that we know of today. It was only readily discovered by the outside world in 1910. They are a popular zoo exhibit due to their imposing size but they do not do well in captivity because they are susceptible to disease.


Not only are Komodo Dragons an amazing sight to look at but they are the top predator in their range. Their saliva is bacteria laden and if bitten their prey generally will not survive. The only known animal that is known to be immune to the poison is the Komodo Dragon itself. While there are reports of men surviving an attack, there are also reports of death from Komodo Dragons. Perhaps these are one of the very creatures spoken of as dragons in our history. If you are looking for free photos of this animal you will find many available as either stock images or other photo images on the internet.