Dragons are a thrilling and captivating creature for many of us. Finding pictures of these creatures is fun no matter what your purpose is behind the search. There are many different pics of dragons to be had out there too.
You can find everything from mythical creatures from medieval times to Chinese dragons resembling oarfish or giant serpents to modern fire breathing beasts. The attributes of dragons vary just as much as the many images you will find of them. In some cultures they are looked at as evil creatures that attack and plunder. In other civilizations such as the Chinese they are seen as peaceful spirits.

pics of dragons
The armadillo lizard is an interesting specimen that seems to appear to have many dragon like features.

Pics of dragons

Another interesting lizard that seems to have many characteristics of dragons is the frilled lizard.

If you take a close look at the different pics of dragons that you see you may see a reason for the different attributes given from different cultures. When you have a vicious man eating destroyer type animal the dragon is often depicted as an animal with a large body more resembling an upright lizard or “dinosaur” than a serpent or Oar fish like the Chinese dragons seem to depict. No matter what version of dragon pic you are looking for I encourage you to think a little bit about the origins of such creatures. Is there truth in their existence and if so what form or forms did they take and perhaps more importantly do we still have dragons on the earth today?

I propose that the pics of dragons that we have along with the history surrounding this strange creature help us see that they are real indeed. One way or another, dragons did exist and very likely still do. So look closely next time you are browsing pictures of dragons and think about their origin and what truth there may be behind the image that you see. One day you may be very surprised at what the world presents to us.


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