Real dragons very likely did exist in ancient times and in fact they may still exist today. We just don’t recognize them for what they are or possibly they have not been discovered. There are still many parts of this world that are not fully explored and documented. There are many stories about strange things and strange creatures that exist. To think to ourselves that we have already discovered enough of our world to count real dragons out of the picture is simply foolishness. Too many new animals have been found already and telling ourselves that there is not something else out there is silly.

real dragons
Free photos of real dragons?

Many of the features that are attributed to dragons are found in existing creatures that we know of today or that we have found in fossils or bogs. Certainly dragons are real but they may not be exactly what Hollywood portrays for us. Not only should we think about the idea of dramatized creatures but we should also be willing to accept that many of the known creatures of our world change dramatically over their life span. Some have extremely short life spans and some have longer life spans. Some change their appearance in a matter of days, some weeks and some take years to transform. It is interesting to me that we are so quick to discount the existence of something simply because we have not seen it happen right before our eyes.


Just take into account the changes that we do know about and the facts that we know about today’s reptiles and it should not be too hard to believe that dragons were and indeed are real. Yes, I am saying real dragons have walked and do walk the earth. We are simply looking for the wrong thing. I’ll go back to my analogy of fishing. I have a favorite fishing stream not too far from my home that I fish every year. Many times when I have walked out of there with fish people have looked at me and said “there are fish in here?” They have no idea that the stream is teaming with fish. I have fished it for years myself thinking that the only fish I am catching are planted each year but recently a friend who lives near the stream showed me a 5 pound hook jawed trout he pulled from the same stream! The fish he had is the same species as those little 10 inch trout I have pulled out for years but they don’t look a lot alike when you take in the size and shape of the bigger fish and it’s head and jaw.